Namaste! My name is Naomi Olson, founder of NAO RELAX. I am an international yoga instructor and relaxation coach who specializes in personal and corporate wellness. For over twenty years I've healed and inspired others through lifestyle changes, artistic expression, photography, yoga, meditation, positive affirmations, natural medicine and alternative therapies. I've also dabbled in finance and the crazy world of commercial production, tasting firsthand the high levels of stress most of us live with on a daily basis. From my direct experience, relaxation lies at the heart of all stress management and health. Not just turning on the TV or sipping a cold one either... The stillness produced by true relaxation, shifts our subconscious habits, softens our tissues and strengthens our ability to act instead of react from an old pattern. I'm passionate about creating more presence and productivity at home and in the workplace, so you can live your healthiest and wealthiest!

Fun Facts: has lived in Hawaii, France and NYC. Enjoys sailing, surfing, reading, horseback riding, and drinking tea. Artist of Hawaii 2011, "Seeing Through The Heart" Documentary Photo Project. For info on photographic pursuits click here

"When I am Silent, I fall into the place where everything is music." - Rumi