Yogic, Tantric and Taoist philosophy, huh?

These are ancient texts, practices, ways of living that take into consideration the whole body, mind, spirit, cosmos and have the potential to free us from our pain and suffering if we are willing to make some effort and follow some instruction. All practices are generally transmitted from teacher to student in an experiential or spoken manner.

Taoism is a middle path, the balance of yin and yang energies. Using nature as a guide, it shows us how to go with the flow, learning to live in harmony with our own true essence and all of life.

Tantra ultimately uses the physical body and physical world to transform and transcend. It can be a means to finding pleasure in all things, as everything has the potential to liberate us from our limited ego.

Yoga is in reference to the Patanjali Yoga Sutras, a guide and practice that leads to self awareness and ultimately liberation. It works by peeling away the layers of physical, mental and emotional conditioning, to reveal our true light within.


How is Personal Yoga different from a Yoga class?

Personal Yoga focuses on your individual needs, it is a private session which can support the healing of an injury or simply a way to learn or enhance your current practice. The benefit is you get undivided attention, proper alignment, adjustments and a practice that meets you where you are at. Also there is more time to incorporate many of the other facets that add to the richness of this ancient practice, like sound, breath, and philosophy. You receive a practice to do on your own and learn how yoga can be applied to daily life. In a class it is easy to be overlooked, and practice in a misaligned way that could lead to injury.


Do you work with beginners or advanced practitioners?

Private Yoga is about your own personal  journey and meets you wherever you are at. It is for beginners to advanced, the injured or the healthy. If you can breathe, you can practice yoga!


Do you have to sign up for more than one session?

A series of 6 or 10 sessions is recommended. Many advanced practitioners with their own daily practice come in every once in a while just for subtle adjustments and to work on something in particular. Others who are starting out or are working through an injury may want to sign up for a series of ten sessions so they can experience some deep healing or be able to see major shifts in themselves. Most clients become ongoing regulars, knowing that they need the support to show up and stay active in their practice.