Sacred Body, Treat Yourself with Reverence

Thought of the day:

We really need to honor our bodies. These bodies are these sacred vessels, in how we experience life. They hold all of our stories, from when we were just a tiny cell all the way to the moment just before. Also, because of this, it can create new stories, can change stories, it becomes also a tool for transformation. 

That is why taking care of your body, getting to know your body, through exercise, through diet, through connection & relationship with others is so vitally important. I think it changes the game when we can actually come from the perspective of reverence. Reverence for who we are. Reverence for all the possibilities in the incredible body and system that we are….

I encourage you to try that on for today, maybe a week, a month, or forever ;).  Just see what it is like, even if you are having a hard time with your self. See if you can just take a moment to find some reverence, just for being a human, for this body you have at this moment. And realizing that it really can be changed, that there is possibility and potential. How would you treat yourself from this place of reverence?  Maybe you would make different decisions? 

Posted on March 7, 2017 .