Benefit of extracting the positive from memories

Extracting the positive things from memories acts like a superfood; watering and nourishing positive thought forms so they may grow and expand. This also helps to devour the doubt, fear and self deprecation that often resides in the mind. Science, Buddhism, and Yoga all agree that when we repeat something over and over it becomes habit. These habits or samskaras become strong behaviors that can either help or hinder. The more vigilant one is about practicing constructive, healthier, positive thoughts and actions. The more one moves closer towards a life free of suffering! 

Below is a helpful meditation to extract the positive from memories and build a supportive, fertile mind.  


Meditation for reflection:

Find a comfortable seated or reclined position. 

Wiggle and adjust until you can find a place to rest and be still. 

Close your eyes and notice the breath.

Without changing or controlling the breath, let it rise and fall naturally, observing it, feeling the sensations of it as it travels through your body. 

When you feel more relaxed, notice the body is softer, you may have a sense of calm. 

Begin to focus the mind on a positive experience from the past, within any time frame. It could be from yesterday, last week, the past year, or even childhood. Let the memory come to you easily, there is no right or wrong answer. Just your own affirmative memory. 

There should be a sense of happiness or joy associated with this memory. Let this fill your awareness, get into the good feeling of it. 

Start to notice where you may feel this in your body, and place a hand there if it feels right. Take time here allowing this enjoyable memory and sensation in...

Now let go of the memory. Like clouds in the sky let the memory and thoughts float by. Come back to your natural breath. Observe your breath. Notice the rise and fall of it. Take some time here... 

Begin to arrive in the present moment. Feel yourself now, sitting or reclined, your body relaxed, the flow of your breath... 

Next visualize a mirror, it is a mirror of light, reflecting your inner light. Start to see yourself in that mirror, start to recognize your inner light, what colors, shapes, sensations arise...? 

Now bring back the good memory into your awareness. Take a moment to reflect on how the memory has contributed to your light, how the memory has had positive influence. Perhaps it strengthened a friendship? Was an opening? Brought you closer to nature? Created emotional awareness? Made you or someone else smile or laugh?

As you connect with this simple positive aspect from your memory, see the light in the mirror grow and expand, allowing more light in. See your inner light expand from the inside out. Beyond the body, into the space around you... 

Notice how incredible and dynamic your inner light is. Place one hand over your heart and one over your solar plexus. feel your breath as the light expands from the inside out. Now take a moment to repeat this phrase silently to yourself three times... As I reflect the light within grows...As I reflect the light within grows...As I reflect the light within grows...

After you have said the phrase three times. Come back to your breath, feeling the light within. Let your breath deepen. Allow your hands to relax back to a comfortable position. Begin to visualize the light being drawn back to your center around your solar plexus. Continue to let the light draw back into your center. 

A concentration of light is now in your center and always present. Feel this for a moment...

Now let all visualization go. Come back to long deep inhalations and long deep exhalations. Let the breath move throughout your entire body. Start to feel your breath expand in all directions. 

Slowly, very slowly let the breath begin to move you. Little movements, wiggles, stretches. Take your time. Gradually make the movements bigger. When you are ready blink your eyes open. Take another moment to come back to presence with your surroundings. Inhale, reach your arms to the sky. Exhale relax your arms and smile. 


To take this into daily life. Just place your hand on your solar plexus, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Visualize a concentrated ball of light there, feel its warmth, bask in its glow, then open your eyes and return to your day! 

With Love Light & Gratitude,

Naomi Olson 3/7/17

Posted on March 7, 2017 .