5 quick actions to help you RELAX NOW!

5 quick actions to help you RELAX NOW!


This immediately changes your focus from going outward to moving inward. It also suggests to your body that you may begin to rest. When we sleep our body is restoring and regenerating itself, when we close our eyes it gives our body a signal we are ready to relax.


Our breath is on autopilot throughout the day. When we start to notice or listen to the breath we tend to slow things down and bring our attention to the present moment. This present moment awareness creates a space within our mind that separates us from the stress, thoughts or worry that can inhibit our natural rhythms and create tensions.


In a society of mobile device users, our hunching over to exchange information flies under the radar. This repetitive and habitual action leaves quite an impression on our body, specifically the stiff neck and shoulders almost everyone experiences. Bringing awareness to this is a great way to ease tension and practice relaxation. To begin, let your shoulder blades descend down your back; as your shoulders move down the back, lift the chest toward the sky and allow your spine to lengthen in both directions. You will immediately notice a difference. This opens up space in your torso for your lungs to expand even more, increasing oxygen and reducing stress.


The rhythm of your breath is important. The more even it is, the more relaxed and in the flow you will feel. By counting the inhale and exhale you will naturally start to align your breath to a constant cadence. Remember to never force your breath, the intelligence of the body is far greater than we can imagine, the simple act of focusing attention on your breath will naturally slow it down and even it out. Have patience.


Unbeknown to us, our body is listening to us constantly. This is why positive thinking and stress have such powerful affects. Talking to your body can be an entirely internal process, that over time can create great change in your system.

You can either ask silently in your mind or visualize each body part softening and relaxing. Start at the top of your head and work down. Like a gentle flowing waterfall, imagine your muscles, tissues and cells gradually getting calmer and calmer. This focuses your attention within, and the body will respond. Asking your body to relax is simple and effective.

Posted on January 24, 2015 and filed under Yoga, Meditation, Naomi Olson.