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Had a great session with Healer Joshua Horwitz today. Exploring how there is a deep imprinted pattern I developed in childhood to be magical , fantastical and ultra positive, it was a way to get love acceptance and escape the trauma of abuse at home. I see how I still carry that with me and it can actually drain my energy, because it is trying too hard, a doing, a huge effort , a high energy generated out of fear… When I can return to love I can begin to let go and realize that life is actually miraculous on its own. God, the universe, nature, spirit is present all the time and that no efforts need to be made to create that state. The connection is already within me and within all of us. We are all truly dynamic miraculous beings without doing anything. It was like an overcompensation of life force, a feeling of always having to create something to be worthy of love and acceptance. So much softening, letting go, surrendering, and vulnerability as I heal… so much more receiving of love, heart expansion and greater compassion. I see how part of the disease could be from this imprint, attacking my own cells from this overdoing, hyper state. Relaxing into being, learning to rest in the deeper presence within, Learning to trust and be safe within myself…. When we are calm, feel loved, and safe, are in the moment; creativity, wisdom, knowledge is simply there.. When the mind is filled, thinking too much, in the past or future, we are static, we create stress. It is so important to take time outs, breathe, little meditations, relaxations through out the day, to feel ourselves, to check in and return to the state of wholeness that is always there…

Another aspect of this animated self is that it does have charm and seduction and can be useful. the only way is to be grounded in myself first and conscious of how I’m using the role, instead of being used by it.

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Why is BIODYNAMICS Revolutionary? by Margaret Rosenau

"Just read this wonderful article in the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association's newsletter... ENJOY!"

Why Is Biodynamics Revolutionary?  

by Margaret Rosenau

I consider Biodynamics a revolutionary paradigm because it is relational and relationships can create change - the kind of change that is revolutionary in someone's life and world. To practice Biodynamics, we must be in conscious relationship with ourselves and our clients. I believe that it is our sense of connection to each other and to the world around us that makes deep change possible.

In Biodynamics, we consider not just the body but also the field, the space around a person, the space between two people, the space created by a particular group of people. Biodynamic practitioners learn to create and maintain a relational field, a space where connection can occur and deepen. Biodynamic students and clients are changed by their experience of this resonant relational field. They experience a kind of contact that is deeply familiar to their soul, but profoundly rare in the discordant demand-driven field of the modern world.

In a biodynamic relational field we make contact that amplifies connection and allows something new to happen. This kind of contact is present and mutually nourishing. It is neutral because it doesn't demand of us to be a certain way. It also doesn't demand touch. It can be physical, and a lot of time in our bodywork trainings is spent refining the quality of our touch to meet the person in the moment. But this kind of contact can also be relational, as in how we are present. In this resonant field, we can feel held without touch and understood without words.

I always tell my students that even the attempt to meet someone in this way is revolutionary.

Why? Because the process of trying, is the process of becoming present. So much healing happens in the attempt. Attempting to connect in this way is a journey to finding a quality of connection that works for you, in a way that asks what feels good and what could feel better.  A Biodynamic Relational field has permission in it - the permission to say no, not yet, yes or I'm sorry, can I try again? The permission to connect, disconnect and re-connect because we want to, not because we have to can by itself give us a new relationship to times in our past when the kind of contact we had was forced or inattentive, was too much or too little.

The ability to be non-reactive and connected, even for moments or hours in this polarizing time, is powerful. This kind of contact is also revolutionary because it is rare.  Its potential is as old as life itself, always ready to be called forth when the time is right. Like an ancient seed that sprouts after years of dormancy, our instinctual ability to know right contact and when a person or environment is meaningful and authentic is there the instant the conditions are right. When we are in these places, we are in direct contact not just with others, but with our collective deeper knowing.

That is the second way that learning Biodynamics is revolutionary. A revolution is a repetition, something that returns after being inaccessible- for years or generations - to change things up, to realign individuals or communities towards something we may have been ignoring or forgotten.

Learning and practicing the skills of Biodynamics can bring us into direct contact with our authentic self and our essential purpose. I believe that each of us comes into this world knowing who we are and why we are here. If we can return to this knowing as adults and re-orient our lives to our original nature - something I have seen happen more times than I can count in my years of practicing and living Biodynamics - then that is the most powerful revolution of all.

Margaret Rosenau, MA, RCST®, SEP, APP, has been a BCTA/NA approved teacher since 2006. She began studying Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy in 1996, and completed her Foundation Training with John and Anna Chitty in 2003. Margaret owns the School of Inner Health, which has just relocated to Denver, where she teaches the Foundation training and other Biodynamic courses. To learn more about her and the School of Inner Health, visit or call 303-999-9963.

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Sacred Body, Treat Yourself with Reverence

Thought of the day:

We really need to honor our bodies. These bodies are these sacred vessels, in how we experience life. They hold all of our stories, from when we were just a tiny cell all the way to the moment just before. Also, because of this, it can create new stories, can change stories, it becomes also a tool for transformation. 

That is why taking care of your body, getting to know your body, through exercise, through diet, through connection & relationship with others is so vitally important. I think it changes the game when we can actually come from the perspective of reverence. Reverence for who we are. Reverence for all the possibilities in the incredible body and system that we are….

I encourage you to try that on for today, maybe a week, a month, or forever ;).  Just see what it is like, even if you are having a hard time with your self. See if you can just take a moment to find some reverence, just for being a human, for this body you have at this moment. And realizing that it really can be changed, that there is possibility and potential. How would you treat yourself from this place of reverence?  Maybe you would make different decisions? 

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Benefit of extracting the positive from memories

Extracting the positive things from memories acts like a superfood; watering and nourishing positive thought forms so they may grow and expand. This also helps to devour the doubt, fear and self deprecation that often resides in the mind. Science, Buddhism, and Yoga all agree that when we repeat something over and over it becomes habit. These habits or samskaras become strong behaviors that can either help or hinder. The more vigilant one is about practicing constructive, healthier, positive thoughts and actions. The more one moves closer towards a life free of suffering! 

Below is a helpful meditation to extract the positive from memories and build a supportive, fertile mind.  


Meditation for reflection:

Find a comfortable seated or reclined position. 

Wiggle and adjust until you can find a place to rest and be still. 

Close your eyes and notice the breath.

Without changing or controlling the breath, let it rise and fall naturally, observing it, feeling the sensations of it as it travels through your body. 

When you feel more relaxed, notice the body is softer, you may have a sense of calm. 

Begin to focus the mind on a positive experience from the past, within any time frame. It could be from yesterday, last week, the past year, or even childhood. Let the memory come to you easily, there is no right or wrong answer. Just your own affirmative memory. 

There should be a sense of happiness or joy associated with this memory. Let this fill your awareness, get into the good feeling of it. 

Start to notice where you may feel this in your body, and place a hand there if it feels right. Take time here allowing this enjoyable memory and sensation in...

Now let go of the memory. Like clouds in the sky let the memory and thoughts float by. Come back to your natural breath. Observe your breath. Notice the rise and fall of it. Take some time here... 

Begin to arrive in the present moment. Feel yourself now, sitting or reclined, your body relaxed, the flow of your breath... 

Next visualize a mirror, it is a mirror of light, reflecting your inner light. Start to see yourself in that mirror, start to recognize your inner light, what colors, shapes, sensations arise...? 

Now bring back the good memory into your awareness. Take a moment to reflect on how the memory has contributed to your light, how the memory has had positive influence. Perhaps it strengthened a friendship? Was an opening? Brought you closer to nature? Created emotional awareness? Made you or someone else smile or laugh?

As you connect with this simple positive aspect from your memory, see the light in the mirror grow and expand, allowing more light in. See your inner light expand from the inside out. Beyond the body, into the space around you... 

Notice how incredible and dynamic your inner light is. Place one hand over your heart and one over your solar plexus. feel your breath as the light expands from the inside out. Now take a moment to repeat this phrase silently to yourself three times... As I reflect the light within grows...As I reflect the light within grows...As I reflect the light within grows...

After you have said the phrase three times. Come back to your breath, feeling the light within. Let your breath deepen. Allow your hands to relax back to a comfortable position. Begin to visualize the light being drawn back to your center around your solar plexus. Continue to let the light draw back into your center. 

A concentration of light is now in your center and always present. Feel this for a moment...

Now let all visualization go. Come back to long deep inhalations and long deep exhalations. Let the breath move throughout your entire body. Start to feel your breath expand in all directions. 

Slowly, very slowly let the breath begin to move you. Little movements, wiggles, stretches. Take your time. Gradually make the movements bigger. When you are ready blink your eyes open. Take another moment to come back to presence with your surroundings. Inhale, reach your arms to the sky. Exhale relax your arms and smile. 


To take this into daily life. Just place your hand on your solar plexus, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Visualize a concentrated ball of light there, feel its warmth, bask in its glow, then open your eyes and return to your day! 

With Love Light & Gratitude,

Naomi Olson 3/7/17

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The Power of Sound - Shakti Mantras

Recently clients have been asking for a mantra, a way to focus their attention away from all the sabotaging thoughts clouding their mind. Mantra not only focuses the mind but sends vibrations through the body and into the cosmos. A powerful way to connect with something greater than yourself, lift your spirits and transform from the inside out!

Here is a helpful article from yoga master Dr. Frawley on Shakti Mantras :

Om Shreem Namah!


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