The inspiration for NAO RELAX was cultivated waiting for waves off the North shore of Kauai. That is where Naomi Olson, the founder, was given her nickname Nao. Lured by the surf, she spent twelve years soaking in the land, the sea, the people, the myths and legends of Hawaii. When she moved to NYC she realized it seemed more like the Islands had actually chosen her. There was no mistake she was bringing relaxation techniques to high powered executives and busy bodies all over Manhattan. The lessons, healing methods, and teachings from her time in Hawaii mixed with twenty plus years experience in yoga/meditation radiate throughout the Executive Empower Naps and Relaxation Tools. With great gratitude we share our passion to Let Stillness do the work, so you can transform your world into a Calm, Cool, Collected Success, No matter what life throws your way!

NAO RELAX creates relaxation through self realization of the senses, and mind/body connection. Our senses feed into our central nervous system and affect our ability to manage stress. Being able to control and experience our senses links to our ability to tap into the para sympathetic nervous system where deep relaxation restores and renews our entire being. You may experience:

Breathing Techniques - Circulate energy, Create awareness, Give us access to our emotions and the ability to control them, Are a true indicator of stress and our response to it.

Empower Naps - Lying down or in a comfortable seat, Guide you on a journey to deep relaxation. Using exercises to keep the mind occupied the body is able to deepen into a truly calm state. The exercises sharpen your mental acuity, set your subconscious up for success, stimulate creativity and create body/mind awareness.

Body Alignment - Take stress away from the body by articulated movements, stretches and yoga like poses. Give your body a break and become aware of your physical patterns, so you can decrease stress, and increase vitality.

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Corporate Calm at Your Office in Manhattan

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